Author’s wedding dresses

We design and customize your made-to-order wedding dress taking into account the newest fashion trends, your personality, wishes and requirements.

w e d d i n g

We go to European factories ourselves and pick lace we are going to use in designing wedding dresses.

We always try to get better and better, providing you with high quality dresses within a reasonable price range.

d r e s s e s

A dress of your dreams for perfect wedding is 30% off now

We design your marvelous custom wedding dress made of pure silk and embroidered French lace. You’ll have a perfect wedding reception and your look will be hard to forget!

69000 RUB. 48300 RUB.
Notice! The offer is valid for the first 5 dresses only! 4 already gone. 1 to go.



“I’d been to 10 Moscow show rooms looking for “that” dress. In most of them dresses that I saw in pictures on the websites had nothing to do with the actual dresses. I’m so glad I found Lovikon. My dress was sized and tailor-made to perfectly fit my body shape. And it took only 5 weeks. I’m absolutely happy with the result!”


“I wanted to buy a ready-made dress I found at one store but accidently found out about Lovikon. I had a free fitting appointment and I was surprised to see that the dress that was hand-sewn specifically for me with my wishes being respected cost the same as the ready-made dress. wedding dress was perfect as well as the wedding itself.”


“I had been to many stores with my sister, but I didn’t like anything. All dresses looked so old-fashioned to me. My sister came across Lovikon and talked me down to order a dress from them. I worried that it wouldn’t be something that I want.  But in the end, I was pleasantly surprised. They created the dress of my dreams and it fit me perfectly.”


“I ordered 2 dresses on Lovikon: one for the ceremony and reception and the other for a photoshoot on the honeymoon. All my looks were the way I expected them to be. All the pictures looked like they were from a fashion magazine. Thank you so much again!”


“I purposely came to Moscow to find a modern dress. Well, it turned out to be that dresses at Moscow stores do not differ much from dresses at salons in my hometown. I accidently came across Lovikon. On the first week I got measured, on the second week the measurements got corrected, and 3 weeks later my dress was delivered to me. I’m happy with the result.”


“Lovikon is the only company that makes really cool up-to-date trendy dresses. I’ve been to a lot of salons not only in Moscow but in Europe as well, but I chose Lovikon. All other Russian companies are 3-5 years behind. Lovikon’s quality and patterns are the same as in expensive luxurious European showrooms, but prices are 3 times lower”.

A free gift Every bride will get a free gift with purchase!
Hand-made earrings that will perfectly match the wedding dress.
Personalized service
Organic Fabrics
Free fitting
Worldwide Shipping